Wrangled Words

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

-Robert Frost

Why I Don’t Like You - I have finally figured out why I don’t like you. Really. I’ve also realized why you don’t like me. I’ve even figured out why stay-at-home moms can’t abide moms with jobs, why hippie moms don’t dig organized moms, why tofu moms can’t stomach Cheetos moms, and why mommy wars exist at all when we should … Read more Why I Don’t Like You
One Week Before Kindergarten - I see you from the window As I do dishes Again- Sunshine soaking your hair Mud soaking your dress- As you pet the cat and eat garden peas. Crack Peel Chew Pet Again and again For an hour or more. You know your letters And how to write your name. You know what to do … Read more One Week Before Kindergarten
Slowly - SLOWLY For Valerie I will walk slowly for awhile, Although I wish for quicker stride. My spirit wants to dance and run; My body holds that hope inside. But as I linger down the path, Perhaps it’s only I who sees The subtle-colored flowers And sunlight-filtered trees. I will be gentle for awhile; It seems … Read more Slowly
The Prodigal - Something in the dancing Brings me home again- A prodigal come to myself, Too long gone among the corn cobs.
Silent Night - Silent Night Bedtime songs on Christmas Eve, I hardly see him in the light- My little boy who fell asleep As I was singing “Silent Night.” My thoughts go to another place, Another night, another bed, Another boy whose mother watched As He laid down His little head. He soon would know His Father’s voice … Read more Silent Night
I Didn’t Know you Slept Below - I didn’t know you slept below. We came to visit like the rest, Where headstones tell the history Of those who didn’t make it west. I said the stories; tried to tell The little boys who climbed the stone Of “blessed, honored pioneers,” Not knowing I spoke of our own. Did you listen from above, … Read more I Didn’t Know you Slept Below