Clapping Games

All you need are your hands and a little memory!

Most of us have used Patty Cake with babies, but much older kids can also enjoy the more complicated songs. Some of these songs have been around for hundreds of years, and others are recent nonsense fun.

Teach your kids a clapping game, and be amazing today!

This site has videos of some favorites.

This site has some great new clapping songs. We are so totally learning Four White Horses from her list. It’s an old Caribbean song with lyrics that make no sense, but I love the clapping pattern.

Four white horses on the river,
aye, aye, aye, up tomorrow,
up tomorrow is a rainy day.
Come and join our shadow play.
Shadow play is a ripe banana,
aye, aye, aye, up tomorrow,
up tomorrow is a rainy day.

While you are clapping away, try making up individual handshakes with each child. See the post here.

Have fun!

Car Soap Bubbles

Need to be amazing on the go today? Grab a bottle of bubbles on your way out the door! Your air conditioner or heater makes the best bubble blower. Put the bubble solution in your cup holder, dip the wand, hold it near the vent, and watch the backseat fill up with fun!

As I started parenting different age groups, I felt bad about having to bring the little kids in the car so much as I chauffeured older kids to school and other activities, not to mention routine errands. It seemed like we didn’t get as much time at home as I was able to spend with the older ones. I decided to try and make car trips as much fun as possible. Bubbles saved me many times, especially on long car trips. Who can be grumpy when bubbles are flying? Please, only blow bubbles at stop lights, when you are in the passenger side, or when an older child is riding shotgun. I don’t want to hear that conversation when you rear end another car (“Sorry officer. I was just blowing bubbles…”).

Have fun being amazing on the go!

Here’s my favorite bubbles by far.

Peanut Butter Play Dough

10 minutes/babies and toddlers/elementary/

When one of my teenagers was little, his favorite game to play with me was to pretend he was a lost puppy. I would find him lonely on the beach, ask if he had a family, and take him home with me. (Don’t even try to psychoanalyze that one. I don’t think I’ll come out looking very good…)

To add to the game, I would make peanut butter play dough into the shape of a dog bone for him to eat…puppy style…on the floor. All my Littles are too big for much dog role playing, but they still love PB play dough!

Wash the table and their hands, and let your kids play with their food at snack time!

Peanut Butter Play Dough
1  cup peanut butter
1 cup powdered milk
1/4 cup honey
Mix well until the mixture resembles play dough.

This is a dairy-free version we usually make now…but it sometimes still makes it into a dog bone shape on their plates!

Power Play Dough
1 cup coconut
2 cups rolled oats
Pulse in food processor until fine. Add…
1 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup honey, real maple syrup, or agave
Mix in food processor until it all comes together.