Car Soap Bubbles

Need to be amazing on the go today? Grab a bottle of bubbles on your way out the door! Your air conditioner or heater makes the best bubble blower. Put the bubble solution in your cup holder, dip the wand, hold it near the vent, and watch the backseat fill up with fun!

As I started parenting different age groups, I felt bad about having to bring the little kids in the car so much as I chauffeured older kids to school and other activities, not to mention routine errands. It seemed like we didn’t get as much time at home as I was able to spend with the older ones. I decided to try and make car trips as much fun as possible. Bubbles saved me many times, especially on long car trips. Who can be grumpy when bubbles are flying? Please, only blow bubbles at stop lights, when you are in the passenger side, or when an older child is riding shotgun. I don’t want to hear that conversation when you rear end another car (“Sorry officer. I was just blowing bubbles…”).

Have fun being amazing on the go!

Here’s my favorite bubbles by far.

Why? Because!

5 minutes
Elementary and up
Paper and pens

This easy activity always brings giggles, especially right before bed when everything is silly.

Cut small papers that cut be seen through

Sit in a circle

On one side, each person writes any WHY question.
(Why is the sky blue? Why do Dad’s feet smell? Why do they say “Eh” in Canada?)


They turn over their paper and pass it to the next person.

That person writes any BECAUSE answer. It can answer the WHY they wrote, or be random.
(Because of global warming. Because someone let the dog out. Because sugar makes you hyper.)


Go around the circle and read the questions and their crazy, and sometimes very funny, answers.