Girls Name/Boys Name

10 minutes/Elementary and up/


This is a family favorite! Pass papers around and watch as a twisted story unfolds.

Hand out paper and pens

Write down the following parts of the story, folding the paper over the previous line, so that no one sees what has already been written. Pass to the next person. 20170105_102059

A girl’s name (any female, real or fictional, known by everyone in the room)

A boys’s name (any male, real or fictional, known by everyone in the room)

Where they were (Wal-Mart, Disneyland, the backyard…)

What they were doing (Making bracelets, shining their shoes, making sushi…)

What she said (“You look like you’ve had a bad day.” “This girl is on fire!” etc.)

What he said (“I caught you a delicious bass.” “You have big ears.” etc.)

What the result was (They bought a motor home and toured the West. They  launched a new line of lipstick. etc.)

Pass the papers once more.

Read one at a time, adding phrases to connect the story. “She said…” “The final result was…” Enjoy the story!



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