Up Kind of Day

Need help getting your kids to help? Up Kind of Day was written as a companion for the Flylady’s organization system, especially for the kids at your house. This project was such a blessing to work on with my sisters Amy and Valerie, talented vocalists Eric and Andy Dodge, and some special guests. We were able to record it in Nashville for a professional recording session with some of the industries best studio musicians. Your family will be dancing around as they pick up toys, dust, and get rid of clutter. There are even songs for getting moving in the morning, and snuggling up at night.

You can order the digital download here.

“When Mommy’s Home with Me” Cover

It’s official! My first children’s book has been published by Cedar Fort Publishing and is set for release on March 14. Here’s the cover, illustrated by Kinsey Becket.

About a decade ago, I started a couple stanzas of this book. I am so grateful to be able to share the finished project in March 2017. It is about wonderful moms who give the best of themselves to their children. I’ll keep updates coming!

You can pre-order the book on Amazon now! Click here.